Contingency planning policy

Contingency planning policy

Contingency planning policy

Our company has a fully functional system for all of its assets, and we use the following guidelines to ensure effective emergency management:

  • Create awareness of emergencies.
  • Identify the existing risks.
  • And the consequences to be expected.
  • The level of required response.
  • Developing an organization of teams and individuals with clearly defined responsibilities for implementing emergency response.
  • Developing and defining procedures that will provide an effective and appropriate level of response, including contingency plans for specific response situations.

The company’s emergency response plan will include:

  • Organization, responsibilities, powers, and procedures for emergency response and disaster control, including maintaining internal and external communications.
  • Systems and procedures to prevent, reducing and monitoring the environmental impacts of emergency measures.
  • Procedures for contacting authorities, communities and other affected parties.
  • Arrangements for training response teams to test emergency systems and procedures through developed scenarios and exercises.

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