Personal protective equipment:

Personal protective equipment

Personal protective equipment

All employees will be provided with appropriate personal protective equipment to allow them to perform their work safely, to maintain the equipment in good working conditions and operating the equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, and we will be committed to providing appropriate training on the use of personal protective equipment, and the appropriate protective equipment is as follows:

  • Head protection: Using a safety helmet.
  • Eye and face protection: Protective glasses with side shield and face cover.
  • Foot protection: Safety shoes / gumboot.
  • Hand protection: Hand gloves (provided that this material is appropriate for work nature).

  • Fall Protection: Full body seat belt.
  • Hearing protection: Earplug.
  • dust mask: Specified to protect against dust inhalation
  • Also, appropriate clothing must be worn for the job, and loose-fitting clothes are not allowed near rotating equipment.
  • Also, any clothing saturated with petroleum or dangerous chemicals should be removed and changed immediately.

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